The Price is Right™ Decades App Reviews

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A very incredible game according to the show! Im just missing "Lucky $even" and "Shell Game". ;-)


Okay so this game was $0.99? And I payed $2.99? Talk about a rip off I want my money back pls, and this game keeps crashing at the golden road game. 1star for ripping me off and making me pay full price and other ppl paying $0.99.

Good Game

Fun to play. Pricing is a little funky & I find each "show" takes a little too much time for me personally but otherwise its a great deal of fun.


Its okay but it is to hard

Update bugs

Love this game but find its moving slow or kicks me out of the game. I think an update is needed, so we can have a faster game

Great fun!

Great graphics and lots of fun for under a buck!

Needs improvements

Great classic game, but the excitement just isnt there. The announcer is lame and the items for bid are just pictures... Also in general, the presentation needs improvement. Buy the game and youll see what I mean :p

Boring and unfun

This game feels like its barely worth it at a dollar, let alone whatever the price will be after the "introductory" period is over. The gameplay is pretty boring and slow. The mini games are fun, but seeing as how you only get to play one a game theres not a chance to really get involved with it. They need to change up the TV show formula to make this game work. Only the most ardent fan of this show could really enjoy this game and even then there has to be better ways to spend a buck.

Could be better...

I was looking forward to playing the price is right...but was disappointed once I purchased this game. Its too slow, freezes and the pricing is a bit off. It should be free. Pls update this game.

Price is Right!!!

I find it boring.....not exciting and nothing to work towards.

Not Worth The Download

The graphics are not great and the only game that ever comes up is Plinko. There is no variety. I would not recommend this game. It is not worth your time downloading!

Great game

Much better than the Wii version


what a dumb game even more than the origanal


This game is so much fun!!!


Only reason that i bought this is because I remember watching Bob Barker with my Grandfather. However, this game is a let dwon.

Great game

This is a great game but it needs more avatars

Very entertaining!

Like the show! Like this game and the information and statistic about the game past.

I am mad

I liked this game until the second round wouldnt load and they just stood there like idiots, refund ?

Dont bother

Wish I could get a refund. Not worth money spent.


Was okay for a couple rounds, now repeatedly crashes.

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